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How do I determine the integrity of my GC's valves? How often should I check?


It is very important to check the integrity of your valves as a preventative for false readings. This should be done once a month along with your analyzer calibration.

Steps on how to properly check your valves:

Step 1-  Connect the front panel "Sample In" port to the front panel "Bypass Out"                    port. This will start the flow of purified gas through the sample loop.

Step 2-  Wait 10 minutes to purge the analyzer completely of any residual gas                     samples

Step 3- Initiate a standard sampling run in CYCLE mode.

Step 4-  Collect 5 sample runs with Peak viewer software. Then average the                    concentration data for each peak of interest.

Step 5- If reading are higher than 1 ppb for any compound indicates a loss of                 valve seal and possibly suggests valve head replacement. If this occurs please                 contact your Peak or local representative for a quote.


NOTE** For a more detailed step by step valve description please view section 9.3 in your user manual.




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