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When I first receive my Peak Performer what is th proper procedure for initial start-up?



Step 1:  Match Peak Labs test data (Pressure and Flows)

Step 2:  Turn on the heaters and allow for the analyzer to stabilize overnight
             (using the conditioning temperatures below)

  • FID- Methanizer (375°C) and Column (195°C)

  • RCP- Detector (265°) and Column (195°C)

  • PDHID- PDD Tower (155°C) and Column (260°C)

 Step 3: Restore your GC's settings to operating temperature in the morning and                           allow the unit to stabilize for ~1 hour


 Step 4:

  • FID- Ignite flame and line Bias (in Run Screen, press Manual)

  • PDHID- Turn on plasma and line Bias (in Run Screen, press Manual)

  • RCP- Verify that the Vlamp is between 1000 and 2450

NOTE** For a more detailed step by step startup description please view section 3.1 in your user manual.





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