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When and how often should I calibrate my PP1 Performer?



For optimal results you should calibrate your Peak Performer 1 once a month. By administrating regular calibration you are guaranteeing repeatable, accurate and long-term results, with minimal drifting.

In order to complete a proper calibration please follow these step:

Step 1:
Connect the calibration sample (20-80 sscm) to "Sample In"port on your analyzer. This port is located on both the front and back of the unit. If you connected in the rear of the unit make sure that the front jumper is connected at "Sample In" to the "Sample Out" line. After this is completed cycle the analyzer for several runs.

 Step 2:
Next input calibration values and update the "Response Factor"for each compound in the calibration database. Let the sample flow for 3 minutes, this will ensure the system is fully loaded. Once this is complete in single analysis mode run 3 consecutive samples.         

 Step 3:
Use the resulting data to enter your calibration cylinder concentrations into the calibration database screen. Lastly, update your response factors and complete one more run to verify expected results.

NOTE** For a more detailed step by step calibration description please view section 4.3 in your user manual.

WARNING** You must verify the Sample Out is not back pressured, the calibration gas has efficiently purged and you are running your calibration in single mode.





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