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My FID baseline has random spiking, why?


There are two main reasons why random spiking can occur. The first is the FID drain line has been restricted. Simply, remove any restrictions or sagging within the line to correct. The second, moisture has been trapped on the electrodes in the FID. This can occur if the FID tower has been ignited prematurely (**NOTE: The detector requires 8-12 hours at normal operating temperature before flame ignition) or power has been lost leading to a drop in FID tower temperature, below 100°C. In order to correct this problem reduce the FID H2 pressure to zero, eliminating the flame and keep all other flows consistent with standard operating specifications. Next, increase the methanizer temperature to 350°C for 8-16 hours, to throughly bake out and existing moisture within the detector. Lastly, restore the methanizer temperature to 295°C and increase the H2 flow back to standard factory settings.


NOTE** For a more detailed step by step instructions please see section 8.4 in your user manual.


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