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One of the following error messages has appeared, why? How to troubleshoot.



If the light on your front panel is glowing red this means your system has detected an error or your standard settings have been modified (e.g., calibration update). Listed below are the various different errors codes and how to troubleshoot.

**Please also note that all error messages can be cleared by pressing accept on the main screen.


<<Detector Communication Error>>

The detector electronics have failed and are not responding to the main computer. If this message appears the electronics will need to be changed and you should contact a Peak or local representative for a replacement.

<<Temperature Zone-Out of Range>>

The temperature is out of range by 3 degrees. The primary cause is that the unit has not heated completely after initial startup, remember the analyzer needs ~6-12 hours to warm up. However, if the analyzer fails to reach normal operating temperature after allowing to warm up for 4 hours this is an indication of heater and thermocouple malfunction and must be replaced. Please contact your Peak or local representative for replacement.

<<Temperature Zone Disabled>>

Your temperature zones have not been turned on yet. Please refer to section 3.1 in your manual to learn how to turn these zones on.

<<Detector Zero target Error>>

The baseline is not stable at the "Zero" function command. If this error occurs stop the analyzer in cycle mode and manually accept the error command, red light should turn back to green. Then press the "ZERO" key. This will correct the problem and the detector will be able to zero properly.

<<FID Flame Temperature - Out of Range>>

The flame is no longer present within the detector. Either the flame has been blown out, and gas flows need to be checked, or was never initially lit. To ignite the flame follow the direction listed in section 8.0 in your manual and wait for the flame to stabilize.

<<Event Program Load Error>>

The event program has not properly loaded in running memory and is no longer present within the analyzer. Turn analyzer off and reinstall from permanent memory.

<<Stream Selector Program Error>>

The stream selector program can no longer be located in the systems memory. Turn analyzer off and reinstall the event program.

<<System Parameters Corrupt>>

The motherboard boot sequence has failed or the software has uploaded improperly. Power down the unit, wait thirty seconds and then turn back on.

<<Parameter Change, Update Needed>>

Critical or key parameters (Examples: Response Factor, Event Program, Analysis Database, etc.) have been changed or stored to working memory. To store the changes in permanent memory cease analysis cycle and accept the updated changes. Make sure to save these changes to permanent memory. By pressing save this will re-write the permanent memory and is irreversible. Therefore, all parameter screens should be reviewed before updated.

NOTE** For a more detailed step by step description on how to clear these error messages please view section in your manual.


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