EPA Approved Air Monitoring Applications:

Peak Laboratories is introducing our NEW 910-170 series RCP platform that has recently received its Federal Equivalency Method designation (EQCA-0814-217) issued by the USA EPA for Continuous Monitoring of CO in Ambient Air in August 2014. In addition to our standard offerings of 0-50 ppm range, this pivotal platform can also offer optimum results at the 0-10 ppm and 0-1 ppm ranges without using NDIR.

Peak Lab's RCP technology has been used for trace atmospheric CO (and H2) for over 20 years by NOAA, atmospheric chemists and research organizations worldwide. Our cost-effective platform is proven to have incomparable stability (gas chromatography eliminates interference problems) with exceptionally higher sensitivity (superior modeling data) than NDIR technologies.

In addition to our unique EPA approved method to monitor CO, our 920 series FID platform can be used for continuous monitoring of greenhouse gases (GHG): methane and carbon dioxide (and CO if an EPA approved method is not needed). Atmospheric trends of CH4 and CO2 (and CO) can easily be monitored using one of our process GC's in rural or urban settings. The combination of these systems can be installed for remote or laboratory settings for half the price of CRDS based solutions without a compromising ambient data.

Please for more details when considering to "upgrade" your Thermo, Teledyne or other IR based monitors for trace, continuous CO measurements.


Peak Offers the Following Detectors (Typical lower detection limits in parts per trillion)

  • RCP (aka RGD): Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Ethylene, Acetylene, 1,3 Butadiene, Benzene, Isoprene and Propylene
  • FID: Methane, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and NMHC

  • PDHID: Nitrogen and Argon

  • TCD: Argon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Methane

**We also offer a critical orifice based Internal Calibration Blender as an installed option.


Specific Industries Include:

  • Air Separation Plants

  • Government Air Monitoring

  • Regulatory Air Monitoring

  • Quality Assurance / Control

  • Process Control

  • Government and University Research Institutes

  • Semiconductor Plants

  • Purifier Manufacturers

  • Medical Research Labs.

We provide a simple, innovative complete solution for the trace (ppt) to percent level analysis of most permanent gases in various gas matrices ranging from research to semiconductor applications. With our unique design we are able to provide our users with accurate measurements, down to the part per trillion levels, while still maintaining a wide linear range.


Peak Labs is the perfect solution to your analytical needs with our highly experienced team of engineers and instrumental customization capabilities. Please Contact Peak Laboratories Here or contact a local sales representative for custom applications and further information on our standard applications.

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